Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Insane Friends

This weekend, I was actually able to hang out with my friends one-on-one for a while. I'm going to change their names for personal reasons and their own privacy. This is a really long back story, it all starts with my old partner-in-crime, Milly. We used to be the single girls with every weekend booked with parties and fun things to do. Then her brother, Josh, started dating my other best friend, Annie. Annie is a serial monogamist, which means she is always in a relationship. Since I have known her in high school she has never been single longer than a month. Annie and Milly have never really been friends but always tried to get along for my sake. Milly had always banned any of her friends to date her brother. She's very protective and jealous. She always had problems with girls who dated her brother and was jealous of any time that she got to spend with him and that had to be shared with someone who would take the attention away from her. That sounds a little crazy I know. But she's just that kind of person who believes the world revolves around them. Don't worry, I put her in her place on a daily basis, everyone knows the world revolves around me, kidding! So needless to say when Annie and Josh started sneaking around behind her back and she found out, the shit hit the fan! Who was stuck in the middle? You might think Josh but no it was me. I have no words to describe this feeling, the best I can do is it's like being pulled in two different directions at the same time. Because, even though Milly was being irrational, it was hard not to see her point of view. It was her one rule and they broke it, and they went about it all wrong by sneaking around. For six months or so she was a complete bitch until Josh stepped in and told her he was happy and to get over herself. Then she was just a bitch behind their backs. Josh, Milly and I all decided it was time for her to get a boyfriend so she could focus on someone else. She decided that to prove a point she would date one of Josh's friends to show him how it felt. Of course this all backfired on her when Josh was really excited to have one of his friends date his sister. She decided she was interested in one of his co-workers, Dominic. To make a really, really long story short, every one's friends now. Josh and Annie have been dating for two and a halfish years and Milly and Dom have been dating a year and a half. Every one's happy about each other and I'm the last single one. I might be a little bitter. Only because I was so busy with their lives I didn't really get to work on my own. That's just an excuse really but that's another topic. Anyhoo all my friends are so happy that it was starting to irritate me a little. But then I started to see the cracks. Dom and Milly drink a lot. It bothers me. I just don't get it, I guess. Josh and Annie really seemed to be the perfect couple but then I'm her best friend and I hear the hesitance in her voice. Long ago before Annie, I was also really good friends with Josh. But like most guys when he got a girlfriend he didn't talk to me much anymore, not like we used to. This weekend Annie had to work and Josh and I were at Milly's house and he had been drinking and asked me to drive him home. And we talked. Like really talked about important shit. It was really interesting, I found out all his fears and really stupid problems but most of all, he really loves her. But it's not perfect and it makes me happy, because I'm a horrible person. Also, earlier in the weekend, I finally got Milly alone and she told me all her fears and stupid problems. It was like I was a damn therapist all weekend. And she told me the reason she drinks is because Dom drinks and he annoys her, she just drinks to make him not annoying. I told her that it really bothered me and she told me that it bothered her to and they had decided to cut back a lot. I really needed this weekend because it was nice to hear about the stupid problems and the big problems. I felt like I was part of their lives again and not just cast out on my own. It's really hard to be the last single one. It's very lonely. But in my talk with Josh he told me that he was proud of me for sticking to my standards and not only applying them to the man I'm looking for but also to myself. That was the most clarifying thing anyone has ever said to me. Really eye-opening because I didn't even realize I was doing it until he mentioned it. Crazy!

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