Thursday, April 19, 2012

Surrogate for a Chihuahua

I'm not trying to turn this into a dream journal but this one is just to weird not to share.
I had another really weird dream, I became a surrogate mother for a Chihuahua. I went into labor and the dog that I was surrogating for also showed signs of labor and I asked why. The people (I have no idea who they were) told me that dogs are different and they go into a false labor when someone else is having their puppies. At that point, they moved me into my family’s guest house, which, for some reason, my dad was in the process of remodeling and it was a construction site. So they found an old mattress and place in on the dirt ground and I put sheets on it. And some towels. I had a pretty good labor but the mother dog, that had turned into a cat by that time, was in a lot of pain. So I pull down my pants and what do you know there were already two puppies in my underwear. I pulled my underwear down and a bunch more puppies came out. This was shocking to me because I thought I was only having one. The last one out didn’t make it. I cried. Then another one also died. In the end, I had about nine girl puppies and five boy puppies. They were all white with black spots. Little Dalmatian Chihuahuas. I can definitely say that this is in my top five strangest dreams of all time. Right behind the Devil Turkey in my grandparents basement, the one where my mom kept getting ate by a bear and the one where I had to save the human child the a dolphin gave birth to. There is something really fucked up in my mind. 

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