Wednesday, July 6, 2011


On the Fourth of July or Independence Day as it is named, I usually go to my friend's family cabin. It is about four miles from where I live. I don't usually like going too far from home because of all the drunk drivers, which are very common in the particular area I live. My friend's family is very welcoming and makes you feel right at home. In fact, I like to consider them my family because my family is not close anymore. Her grandma is the sweetest lady and my grandparents all passed away before I was 19. They hug you when they see you and immediately give you a nickname. My nickname is Veronica. Like Betty and Veronica. Since my name is Virginia and no one can ever remember it, people will call me all sorts of V names. They knew this when they gave me the name, so Veronica being the sexy one in the comics is a very awesome nickname in my opinion. There is always a TON of food but I always bring something because that’s what polite people do. So this year I brought deviled eggs on request. I make some killer deviled eggs. I know they aren't hard to make but most people love them and I have definitely perfected my secret recipe. I only made a dozen eggs, making 24 deviled eggs, I left the room for fifteen minutes and they were gone. I guess they were a hit. Have I ever mentioned that my two best friends kind of despise each other? Well it’s a topic for another blog, lets just leave at they tolerate each other because one is dating the other’s brother. Oh yeah, one big happy family around here. So it’s pretty entertaining to watch them tip toe around each other during family functions. I used to have to play referee but now I just sit back and relax because their problems with each other don’t include me. So I mingled with the family and played with the kids and ate a boatload of food. Watched a skydiving video from one of the kids I used to babysit, terrifying. Soon it got dark enough for a fire and some fireworks. One of my friends cousins is gay. He always brings a date and they are always hot as hell. I love to fake flirt with gay guys. It is fun because there is really no threat of anything happening so you don’t have to worry about the regular jitters of flirting. Kind of like practice flirting. So there I was flirting with this fine-ass guy by the fire when one of the fireworks tipped over. Everyone ran. The guy I was talking to screamed like a girl, and grabbed the back of my shirt and used me as a human shield. This is what I get for flirting. After we lived through our ordeal, he excused himself and asked me if I could pretend it never happened. I said fat-chance, since everyone saw it. I can only imagine the new nick name I’ll have next year.

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