Monday, July 30, 2012

The craziest thing I have ever seen

This place I'm house sitting is adorable. It's a custom made cabin in the woods with an acreage. Two dogs, Rufus and Bristol and two cats, Princess and Beaumont. I met this woman through a friend. I don't really know her very well but I went over and met her, her two children and their animals about a week before they went on vacation. When I first met them, the bigger lab Rufus stuck to my side the entire time and I could tell he was the alpha dog between the two. The other dog Bristol is a little smaller but still a full grown lab. She was very hyper when I first met her and she just kept dropping her ball at my feet. The cat princess has some definite "cattitude".  The chubby tabby runs around the house like it is all hers and yells at you until you pet her and while you pet her. Beaumont was no where to be seen when I was over there the first time. So the first thing I do when I arrive to start the job is play with the animals. Rufus was sad, I could tell. He came over to greet me them immediately went to go lie at the end of the driveway. He was waiting for his family to come home. Bristol went and found a ball and I found the Chuck-it (the greatest invention in the dog world) and we played for about a half hour. Then I went inside, left the door open and I finally saw Beaumont and I completely understood his name. He is gorgeous. I think he is some sort of Siamese mix. He is dark brown and tan with blue eyes. He was friendly and I pet him but he went outside. I went to go pet Princess and sat on the couch. She jumped (waddled) onto my lap. While petting her, Bristol came in the room and dropped her ball at my feet. Princess hissed and swiped at her. Then in slow motion it happened: Bristol backed away a few feet then this brown blur streaked across the room and wrapped himself around Bristol attacked her in a split second. It was Beaumont! Princess also started taking swings at the full grown lab but then ran away. Beaumont was still attacking Bristol and she jumped on my vacated lap. Beau then just stood his ground on the floor next to the couch, growling the lowest, most vicious sound I have ever heard. Bristol cowered on the couch. I just sat there with my mouth open trying to believe what I had just seen. I have never seen a cat full-out attack a large dog before. Beaumont eventually left in disgust. I checked Bristol for wounds and found none. I felt bad for her so we went back outside to play with her ball. Both cats were out and staying in there own area on the porch. Rufus was still at the end of the driveway waiting (he is much better now and has decided they aren't coming home for a while and has perked up quite a bit). I started throwing the ball for Bristol and again Beaumont came out from under the porch and started chasing her. It was insane. He is one bad ass cat. In the last couple of days I have noticed that Bristol will not go anywhere near the cats but that Rufus and the cats have no problem with each other. It is so strange, wonder if the cats can feel Bristol's energy or something? She is very hyper and Rufus, Princess and Beaumont are all very relaxed. I will never forget that one moment though it was so crazy.

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