Thursday, September 1, 2011

Labor Day

I cannot wait for Labor Day! This has been the craziest non-full moon week ever. First, my car breaks down. It's didn't really break down, it just started making a very annoying noise that turned out to be bad wheel bearings. Oh, and at some point in time(a very long time from now when I can afford it), I'm going to need new struts. Then, I had to go to the dentist. I HATE THE DENTIST. I would rather get a PAP than go to the dentist. I had put it off long enough that they called my dad's house and got my cell phone number. WTF, who does that? So, after a half hour of being poked and prodded the Dentist come in to tell me I have two cavities and my last filling cracked. I have only in my entire life had three cavities. Only one on my adult teeth, which is the one filling that cracked. There is nothing about this that I like. I have to spend $500-$600 to fix this problem. In my opinion that is highway robbery! First, why should I have to pay for the cracked filling? Sounds like shoddy craftsmanship to me. And where the hell am I going to get all this money? My car and my teeth? Then, for some reason like God was actually listening to me for once, I get paid for a job I did in May. Then I got a bonus at work. It was the weirdest thing. Now I have money to pay for my teeth and I can scrounge to get money for my car. I made an appointment to get my car fixed today, and they got the wrong part for it. Figures right. I'm leaving for favorite cousin's house in Ellensburg tomorrow. Now I have to get my car fixed then go to Ellensburg, No big deal really. It's just funny how you can plan all you want but if its not meant to be, oh well. Every year I go to the Ellensburg Rodeo with my cousin. I'm very excited just to get out of town. I can't wait:) But I might have to if it's His plan.

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