Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Olivia Munn, please hang out with me!

I like to listen to audible books while I drive. Since at any time I like to just get in my car and drive until I feel better, I get a lot of audible books from the library and they have a ton of them. I like to get fiction usually, but I also enjoy biographies by funny ladies or men, but mostly ladies. I’m currently listening to Suck it Wonder Woman by Olivia Munn. I knew about Olivia from The Daily Show and some movies and I also knew she was like a geek goddess. She has an entire geek following and I’m a bit of a geek. So I thought this should be good, I’ll have a good laugh. Unfortunately, I LOVE it! I now have a full-on girl crush on Olivia Munn. I want to be her friend and braid her hair then watch some Lord of the Rings and comment on how awesome Samwise Gamgee is. At the end of her book she has these questions she answers in hypothetical situations and they matched all my answers. Except the TMNT question because of course I’d take Donatello with me to face Shredder, the rest of the turtles are just jackasses. And to be perfectly honest, I am in no shape to fight Shredder all by myself. Really, Olivia if you ever read this I’m not as crazy as I seem, even though my entire blog title suggests it. I’m a perfectly normal but bad-ass chick who just might pee my pants If I ever meet you. And, bonus, I make delicious pies!

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