Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My darkest secret... CATS

I am a crazy cat lady. I have two, only because my friends have forbidden me to get any more. My dad is not a fan of dogs, which is why we had cats while I was growing up. I am an only child and the street we lived on didn't have any other kids until I was about eight years old, so I had my cat. Just one cat, Strawberry. When I was four our cat Morgan ran away. I barely remember her but I remember getting Strawberry.  About a week after Morgan ran away, there were kittens in front of the grocery store. My four-year old self walked straight up to the box found the loudest kitten and picked her up and refused to put her down. The lady even asked me if I wanted a quieter one. But no this was the cat for me. She was my best friend until she passed away at the ripe old age of 18. I was devastated. Strawberry was my only unconditional friend. She waited up for me if I came home late and slept with me. She listened to my problems when I was in the awkward teenage years and she even let me dress her up when I was little. Again, I lasted about a week before I could no longer take it and found a kitten and an older kitten. They were both tuxedo cats and both girls. LC was the baby, just three months old. She jumped out of the box and immediately started exploring. I named her after Lewis and Clark. She was attached to my hip and still is. She's more dog than cat these days, loves riding in the car, fetches, loves to play with water. She can usually be found in the bathtub. Cleopatra was about 8 months old and she hid under the microwave stand for two days before she excepted her new home. Sadly she disappeared six months later. I was heartbroken. I did everything I could to find her but after a month I decided to save a new kitten from the shelter. She was 5 month old kitten born in the shelter to a feral mom-cat. She was a little skittish, to say the least. I named her Prudence after the Beatles song. I used to sing it to her "Dear Prudence, won't you come out and play?" She has warmed up considerably but still has trouble with strangers. LC and Prudence are the cats in the bottom of my blog homepage. As you can see LC is a a bit larger now. Prue will follow her everywhere, even in the tub. I love my cats.  I don't really care if people think I'm crazy because of it.

Young LC




Monday, September 26, 2011

My new friend

Work is a little slow today and I have made a new friend. He lives in the Golden Pothos on the shelf above my desk. I believe he is a daddy long legs but he is still very small. I discovered him while I was staring off into space. I like spiders. Not in a creepy way. I'm not afraid of them and I repect that they eat other annoying bugs. When I was little my dad told me that it's bad karma to kill a spider, so I usually pick them up with a tissue and let them outside but he can stay. I've decided on Loki as a name. Loki and I have imaginary chats. So far we talked about how the rain goes down the water spout but he kept climbing back up it and how it was a good living for a while but now he's retired and enjoys his view from the Golden Pothos. I, of course, was flattered. Then he metioned not me but the window. He likes to watch the weather change outside. Our first fight.

Random Thought #7

Why does rain smell so good?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Insane Friends

This weekend, I was actually able to hang out with my friends one-on-one for a while. I'm going to change their names for personal reasons and their own privacy. This is a really long back story, it all starts with my old partner-in-crime, Milly. We used to be the single girls with every weekend booked with parties and fun things to do. Then her brother, Josh, started dating my other best friend, Annie. Annie is a serial monogamist, which means she is always in a relationship. Since I have known her in high school she has never been single longer than a month. Annie and Milly have never really been friends but always tried to get along for my sake. Milly had always banned any of her friends to date her brother. She's very protective and jealous. She always had problems with girls who dated her brother and was jealous of any time that she got to spend with him and that had to be shared with someone who would take the attention away from her. That sounds a little crazy I know. But she's just that kind of person who believes the world revolves around them. Don't worry, I put her in her place on a daily basis, everyone knows the world revolves around me, kidding! So needless to say when Annie and Josh started sneaking around behind her back and she found out, the shit hit the fan! Who was stuck in the middle? You might think Josh but no it was me. I have no words to describe this feeling, the best I can do is it's like being pulled in two different directions at the same time. Because, even though Milly was being irrational, it was hard not to see her point of view. It was her one rule and they broke it, and they went about it all wrong by sneaking around. For six months or so she was a complete bitch until Josh stepped in and told her he was happy and to get over herself. Then she was just a bitch behind their backs. Josh, Milly and I all decided it was time for her to get a boyfriend so she could focus on someone else. She decided that to prove a point she would date one of Josh's friends to show him how it felt. Of course this all backfired on her when Josh was really excited to have one of his friends date his sister. She decided she was interested in one of his co-workers, Dominic. To make a really, really long story short, every one's friends now. Josh and Annie have been dating for two and a halfish years and Milly and Dom have been dating a year and a half. Every one's happy about each other and I'm the last single one. I might be a little bitter. Only because I was so busy with their lives I didn't really get to work on my own. That's just an excuse really but that's another topic. Anyhoo all my friends are so happy that it was starting to irritate me a little. But then I started to see the cracks. Dom and Milly drink a lot. It bothers me. I just don't get it, I guess. Josh and Annie really seemed to be the perfect couple but then I'm her best friend and I hear the hesitance in her voice. Long ago before Annie, I was also really good friends with Josh. But like most guys when he got a girlfriend he didn't talk to me much anymore, not like we used to. This weekend Annie had to work and Josh and I were at Milly's house and he had been drinking and asked me to drive him home. And we talked. Like really talked about important shit. It was really interesting, I found out all his fears and really stupid problems but most of all, he really loves her. But it's not perfect and it makes me happy, because I'm a horrible person. Also, earlier in the weekend, I finally got Milly alone and she told me all her fears and stupid problems. It was like I was a damn therapist all weekend. And she told me the reason she drinks is because Dom drinks and he annoys her, she just drinks to make him not annoying. I told her that it really bothered me and she told me that it bothered her to and they had decided to cut back a lot. I really needed this weekend because it was nice to hear about the stupid problems and the big problems. I felt like I was part of their lives again and not just cast out on my own. It's really hard to be the last single one. It's very lonely. But in my talk with Josh he told me that he was proud of me for sticking to my standards and not only applying them to the man I'm looking for but also to myself. That was the most clarifying thing anyone has ever said to me. Really eye-opening because I didn't even realize I was doing it until he mentioned it. Crazy!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Random Thought #6

When the Zombie Apocalypse happens, will they be the crazy fast zombies that can chase you down or the slow, moaning ones you can pretend to be to escape?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ten years since the world changed...

Ten years ago when I was 16, I was sleeping at home when my mom came into my room and said "Virginia, we're being attacked." I, in a groggy state, turned on the television and watched a replay of the second plane running into the second twin tower. It was absolutely shocking. It didn't fully hit me until I was in my first period English class and we all just sat in silence watching the towers fall. In every single class we watched the television. It was such a quiet day. Looking back on it all, it was a disaster but it brought us all together.  I was proud to be an American and everyone else was too. We all bonded over this tragedy and became a united force to be reckoned with. It was a strange feeling because although I did love my country, I guess I didn't really feel any pride for it. I was just a teenager. But after 9/11 I had a strong sense of community and was very, very proud of my country. I retain that pride today and am still grateful to be an American. I just wish the politicians could work together and help us out of the hole we're currently in. I'll never forget that day. I'll never forget the heroes that died and the ones that lived. And I'll never forget the troops that have fought for us since. Never Forget.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I had a wonderful Holiday weekend. It started in Ellensburg with my cousin and her husband. I never get to see my cousin-in-law. He works in Alaska for a fishing tour company that his family runs. We had a fun night of catching up and joking around. Then he left for Alaska at 6 in the morning. My cousin and I dropped her kid off at the babysitters and went to the Rodeo. It was awesome because the company she works for is a main sponsor so we got to be VIP's. Free food and drinks. I really enjoyed the show but most of all the Buffalo show. Those animals are gigantic. Then we went out for Mexican food to sober up and then we picked up the little one. Went back home and watched movies. The next morning, I watched the almost-four year old for a couple hours while she picked her Fantasy Football draft. She's a little bit crazy when it comes to football. I left at noon and drove three hours home. Every year on the Sunday before Labor Day, our neighborhood has a block party. So I walked down the street and enjoyed the neighbors and the food. I came home drank a couple glasses of wine made cookies and went to bed. The next day I was in a mild post vacation slump when my friends called and invited me out on the boat. Which was exactly what I needed. Had a great boat trip and steak dinner. I got into my bed to watch a little TV and promptly fell asleep at 9:30. Insane! I don't think I have ever fallen asleep that early. Woke up at eight and got ready for work. All in all, it was the best weekend I have had this whole summer. I'm sad that the fall is coming but at least I had a little fun this summer. It was a much different feeling this year. It feels like everyone is growing up. I have never wanted to grow up. I might have a little bit of "Peter Pan syndrome." I just never really saw what was so great about growing up. Responsibility, bleh. I guess I'll eventually get there. Whether I like it or not.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Labor Day

I cannot wait for Labor Day! This has been the craziest non-full moon week ever. First, my car breaks down. It's didn't really break down, it just started making a very annoying noise that turned out to be bad wheel bearings. Oh, and at some point in time(a very long time from now when I can afford it), I'm going to need new struts. Then, I had to go to the dentist. I HATE THE DENTIST. I would rather get a PAP than go to the dentist. I had put it off long enough that they called my dad's house and got my cell phone number. WTF, who does that? So, after a half hour of being poked and prodded the Dentist come in to tell me I have two cavities and my last filling cracked. I have only in my entire life had three cavities. Only one on my adult teeth, which is the one filling that cracked. There is nothing about this that I like. I have to spend $500-$600 to fix this problem. In my opinion that is highway robbery! First, why should I have to pay for the cracked filling? Sounds like shoddy craftsmanship to me. And where the hell am I going to get all this money? My car and my teeth? Then, for some reason like God was actually listening to me for once, I get paid for a job I did in May. Then I got a bonus at work. It was the weirdest thing. Now I have money to pay for my teeth and I can scrounge to get money for my car. I made an appointment to get my car fixed today, and they got the wrong part for it. Figures right. I'm leaving for favorite cousin's house in Ellensburg tomorrow. Now I have to get my car fixed then go to Ellensburg, No big deal really. It's just funny how you can plan all you want but if its not meant to be, oh well. Every year I go to the Ellensburg Rodeo with my cousin. I'm very excited just to get out of town. I can't wait:) But I might have to if it's His plan.