Monday, July 30, 2012

I don't have enough time to write on here because I'm busy doing nothing

Although not completely true, I feel that the title of this post best describes why I haven't posted in four weeks. I have started to write three separate drafts but I got distracted by my job and now I can't remember what I was going to say in most of them. Since I last wrote I have done a ton of stuff. I had a mediocre 4th of July. The weekend after was much more exciting. My neighbor had his annual party at his house and I had to literally drag my parents away in the early hours of the morning. I went out on the Sea Doos with my friends and then we celebrated my best friend's mom's 60th birthday. The next weekend of the 14th, I went to an old friend's house for her birthday party which I enjoyed even though I was kicked out of my tent for a couple minutes while people defiled it. The next weekend of the 21st, I did absolutely nothing and thoroughly enjoyed it. This weekend, I started my busy season of house sitting. I am currently watching two houses, staying at one with two dogs and two cats. The other house is just a cat and a guinea pig. They both come back on Friday and I start two new houses. Then in another week I start another house while babysitting my nephew. It should be interesting. Also this weekend I went over to my friend, Milly's sister-in-laws house and had an awful dreadful time while I watched everyone get ridiculously drunk. I don't understand why they thought they were having a good time when everyone was just fighting but hey, it's just not my lifestyle. One thing I saw this week was the oddest, coolest thing I have ever seen.

This deserves it's own post:

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