Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Such a powerful emotion. I am so angry right now. I really want to tell someone off but I won't because I know it's just the anger talking. It really isn't fair that anger fades. Sometimes I wish it stay and I could use it. If I could tap into it more often I could be a very powerful force. My mother always had one of the hottest temperaments I've ever known. And my Grandmother, holy cow, she turned into the devil. I have it too. It's buried deep down inside me. I have only gotten angry to the point where I couldn't control it twice in my life.  I can usually think with a very level head even when I am angry but there have been those two times that I just saw red. Thankfully, I have never hurt anyone, just broken inanimate objects. I hate that just by writing this I'm no longer angry. I should just tell them how they hurt me. I don't let other people see how they affect me. It would show my weakness and they can never see that. Then they would use it against me.

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