Sunday, May 8, 2011

The real reason for my blog

My aunt was diagnosed with Alzheimer's when she was 56 years old. It was one if the youngest cases the doctors had seen. My aunt was my dad's twin sister. I have a lot of ideas how she ended up with the disease. But one of the most prominent ones was that she just always seemed unhappy. I believe that she left her depression untreated and it led down a path straight to the disease which took her life two years ago. It really scares me. For a little background, my aunt and I did not really get along. I had ADD and didn't do well in school and she thought that was just awful. Those things were important to her. She pushed her kids so hard to get good grades and get higher education that I feel it might have pushed them away. She thought I was a bad influence on my younger cousin. She didn't like me around. But she was my family so I respected her. After my grandparents died she was put in charge of their estate. I was twelve but that was when I noticed something was wrong. She was confused a lot more than usual. She had a hard time with the process of the probate. Three years later she was at the mall and she started to panic because she didn't know where she was. Mall security called an ambulance, shortly later we found out the diagnosis. I don't want to forget. I have so much to remember sometimes. And sometimes I find it difficult to remember. At this point I know I'm just paranoid. So this is something to help me remember if I ever do forget.

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