Monday, May 9, 2011


Today I went to a seminar for a popular accounting software. I had to wake up at five, dressed up nice, put make-up on because "you never know", drive for an hour and a half through rush hour. Here are some of my notes:
Got here way too early.

Woo hoo free coffee!

Good Lord this is awfully boring. There are so many rules. Teacher has a very thick Chicago accent, very distracting. My ADD is not helping, keep singing songs in my head.

I have to pee so bad, why did I drink so much coffee?

I'm pretty sure the lady behind me has the swine flu.

I'm pretty sure my kidneys are shutting down. My bladder has officially gone numb, not sure if it's a good or a bad thing.

Missing important info because I have to pee so very bad.
When is break already!

Finally break time, first one out, skinny Asian lady on my heels says "I've been waiting forever, I drank too much coffee!" and I have a new friend.

Against my better judgement I get more coffee.
I'm pretty sure the lady behind me has some sort of zombie disease and is infecting us all.


Starbucks free WiFi!
Back in class, seriously so bored! Teacher laughing at her own jokes that aren't funny.

Lady behind me breathing my air.

Oh, some actual interesting stuff.
Blah, blah, blah.
More interesting useful stuff.

Teacher promoting more seminars.

Doodling on my notepad, cats, dogs, flowers, etc.

Still promoting, people asking stupid questions.

Goodness gracious stop talking lady!

Lady behind me thinks its funny when I cringe after she coughs all over me.

Definitely showering when I get home, and there will be airborne, oh yes.


Best part is... it's a two day seminar! If that lady sits behind me tomorrow, I am gonna punch her in the throat.

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