Friday, May 6, 2011

Cinco De Mayo?

So I am not of Mexican descent. But I am 26. So the fact that I did absolutely nothing yesterday bothers me a slightly. There are a number of reasons that I didn't celebrate the Mexican Holiday.
1. My favorite bar is a Mexican bar, and they were going to charge a cover. WHAT? I'm not spending five dollars when I can go any other day of the year and not pay to get in.
2. I don't really drink anymore. I guess the real answer is I never really did. I am too much of a control freak to let myself get out of control. That's why I have made myself the go-to Designated Driver.
3. It was a Thursday night and even though I don't work on Fridays, it's my favorite night for TV. On Thursdays I always go to my friend's house for TV night. When she was single, she would watch as much TV as I did but now her boyfriend lives with her and looks down on the fact that people watch TV and even though it pisses me off when people do that, it is her choice to comply with him. So I still go over there so she can watch one night of TV an week.
4. Again, I'm not Mexican, not that I have a problem with Mexicans, I have a great respect for them and their traditions.
5. I was worried about driving home on a night when I know there will be a lot more drunk people on the roads.

But it still bothers me that when I was younger, I would take any excuse to go out and have fun. And now I feel that I am growing up and it SUCKS! I never wanted to grow up in the first place. So I'm a little depressed today because I am getting old and I know I really shouldn't bitch at such a young age but the fact still remains that I will never be 25 again or 21 for that matter.

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