Monday, October 31, 2011

My Family's in Town

We are a normal group. A very functioning, dysfunctional bunch. I grew up a block away from my aunt and uncle. After my grandparents died, they moved to Hawaii. It was very strange because we went to seeing them every week to once a year. I did love visiting them in Hawaii, though. It was like my home away from home. My dad’s best friend also moved to Hawaii around the same time. When we would visit, we would stay a week in Honolulu to visit my dad’s friend then fly to Kauai to see my aunt and uncle. In Kauai before they built their house, my aunt and uncle lived on a fruit plantation. We would walk out the door and pick a grapefruit for breakfast or a starfruit or plantains right off the trees. It was heaven. Five years ago the unthinkable happened. My uncle decided to move. To Alaska. I have no idea why but I’ve never really wanted to visit Alaska. Before they moved, my cousin, their daughter, and I decided to visit one last time. We were both looking forward to going out to the bars at night and having fun. Then the week before we left she found out she was pregnant. We still went and had fun but I still have not been to a bar in Hawaii. Her son just turned four in September. My aunt and uncle have decided to move back to Washington. Four years of Alaska has been enough. They are back looking for some property. This weekend was like family weekend. I got to babysit my nephew (really second cousin) with my aunt. We went to Chucky Cheese. And we had some big family dinners and it was like they never left. I love my aunt’s cooking. I like my uncle’s stories. I’m glad they’ll be back.

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