Monday, October 17, 2011

Human Bowling

Oh... you haven't heard of this new craze? Human Bowling? Maybe that's because I just started it Saturday night. It all started in a garage. Milly has a garage her dad built behind her house. It's three times bigger than her house and is a kind of orange color. It's hideous. Oh did I mention the forest green trim? Yeah. It could easily fit five cars in it. That's how big it is. He keeps a couple cars that he's working on in there but there is all sorts of other cool stuff in there. On Saturday night Josh came over and he, Dom, Milly and I decided to go hang out in the garage. After the boys talking about cars for what seemed like twenty-four hours I started to look around to find something to play with. I found a blue tricycle. It's cobalt blue, which in my opinion is the prettiest of all the blues. I got on the tricycle and started to try to peddle it around. Everyone stopped talking and watched me and decided this was much more fun than whatever they were doing. Then they all tried to ride it. Dom actually did very well which is surprising since he is the tallest in the group at well over six feet. Then out came the boards for making jumps and video cameras. There might have been a little alcohol involved. I was completely sober, which is why it makes no sense at all that I would find a repair creeper and have a genius idea. A repair creeper is the thing that has six wheels, it rolls, you lay on your back underneath cars. So I get this thing out and I'm like Human Bowling! We set up garbage cans and buckets and Milly got a helmet because "Safety First!" One person lies on the creeper, another pushes into the garbage cans and of course one person video tapes it all. It really is fun. And it doesn't hurt as much as you would think. I do however have a ton of bruises. It's definitely one of those things that bring you closer to your friends.

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