Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Random Thought #3

WTF is baking soda?

Back story: Last Friday I went to Starbucks and got a venti skinny Carmel Macchiato. I put it in my passenger's side cup holder because I had a bottle of water in the driver's side. I turned the corner and the whole fucking thing tipped onto the floor of the passenger's side. THE WHOLE THING! I hadn't even had a sip yet. So I was in the middle of traffic and could do nothing be cuss and drive. I got to a place where I could turn off and got all of the napkins in my car and soaked up as much as I could. But I only had about twenty fast food napkins and 24 oz of liquid. So I went to the store and bought an entire roll of paper towels and soaked more up. Three days later it started to smell. I realize that I should have done more sooner but I was really busy and I forgot.  So I started to read online what I could do without pulling the whole carpet out. One thought was to get rid of the odor to put baking soda on it. I had also tried kids n pets and soaked the floor the day before. I put the baking soda on and watched it turn to paste. Fantastic. I waited another day and vacuumed up the paste but the smell was still there but a little different now it smell like sour milk and baking soda paste. So the next day I put another box of baking soda onto it. As I was doing that I pondered the above question.

It still smells. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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