Monday, July 25, 2011


It's raining as usual, but to tell the truth I love the rain. I love to go out and stand in it, let it hit my face. It is the most relaxing thing to me. Nothing puts me to sleep like the sound of rain hitting the roof. Rain is such a constant for me that if it doesn't rain for weeks I get depressed. I especially love it right now because I'm pretty sure they will cancel my softball game tonight. I am nursing a touch of an illness they call "hangover". I'm exhausted after an extremely sunny weekend. My poor back is so red. Damn Scandinavian skin. But back to the rain. They (weathermen) were calling for thundershowers but I haven't seen any lightning yet but I love that too. I just want to go home and watch the storm pass and relax.

Update: In case you cared, softball was not canceled and we lost our first playoff game 9-8.

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