Monday, June 20, 2011

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival UPDATED

Tomorrow I am traveling to Ashland, Oregon. My mother and I are going to the Shakespeare Festival. I absolutely love Ashland, Oregon. It is about 20 miles from the border of California and in the Siskiyou Mountains so its gorgeous and warm. The people there are so nice. The food is incredible and the plays are wonderful. I drive there so it takes about ten hours to get there and I am not looking forward to leaving at 4:00 a.m. to miss the Seattle traffic. Unfortunately, I will probably hit the Portland traffic, I hope to just miss it but we will see. I go with my mom who is the person who got me hooked in the first place. We do three plays, and this year we are seeing Measure for Measure, Pirates of Penzance and the Imaginary Invalid. My very favorite thing to do while there is just drive. Go to all the small surrounding towns and sight see. Last year we found this graveyard on the top of a big hill. It was very large and had graves dating back more than a hundred years. It had some gravestones that said "killed in attack by Indians." I have a deep fascination with graveyards. I love the quiet peacefulness of them. The beauty of a graveyard to me is not the fact that there are dead people in the ground. It’s more a deeper appreciation of the peace that surrounds it. But that’s a topic for another blog. Another thing we saw last time while driving was a herd of mini ponies. I WANT ONE! I just love to explore around places I’ve never been. I think in a past life I must have been an explorer. It is just a great way to see how other people live. I am so excited and a little nervous. I always get nervous before traveling. So I will wish myself safe travels.

Update: For anyone who is curious the Angus Bowmer Theater is Closed for repairs after a beam cracked. They are still performing the plays because "the show must go on!" The plays are being held in the Armory or other places, it is first come first serve. The seating is a little uncomfortable so I suggest bringing a cushion or blanket to sit on. The box office is giving out refunds or vouchers or you can donate to the festival tax exempt.

Another update: Bowmer in the Park starts tomorrow, the box offce will switch your Bowmer Theater Ticket for Park tickets. I am not sure of any refunds or price changes at this time. Click here for more info:

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