Monday, December 3, 2012

Ho Hey!

Did you read that last post? Wow pretty crazy, deep shit right there. Now I'm out of my funk!


Feeling large and in charge! Especially large, fricking Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving was a new adventure for me this year. My parents flew to Hawaii, so I was all alone and feeling sad (see last post). Fortunately I got to pick them up. At the airport. In Seattle. On FUCKING Thanksgiving! Everyone was like "Oh there won't be a lot of traffic on Thanksgiving night." They had to be smoking crack. It. Was. Awful.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

First two weeks before Thanksgiving I was pretty sure that I was going to my neighbors house for Thanksgiving. I had talked to him about it and he invited me, which I accepted thankfully because no one else had invited me yet.

Then once word hit the town that my parents where outta town and I was going to be a poor sad only child all by myself for Thanksgiving, the offers came like crazy. My friends, mom's friends, my neighbors at work, my other neighbors at home, my family all over the state. In the end I was invited to 11 Thanksgivings.

I thanked everyone (I was beyond moved and cried a lot) and told them I was going to stick to my original plan to go to Matt's house. Matt came into my office on Wednesday and told me that his uncle (my dad's favorite person) was in the hospital. He needed a triple by-pass and had a giant infection on his foot from an untreated injury.

I told him don't worry about me. Called Milly and she told me to come to her huge family Thanksgiving. When I got there on Thanksgiving there were 26 of us. I have never been to a big family Thanksgiving like that. We had twelve people at the most when I was a kid and my grand parents were still alive. Needless to say it was insane! Too many people not enough room to move and a LOT of alcohol flowing. It was pretty awesome.

After I went to Milly's house to play a couple card games before I had to leave to get my parents. I checked their flight to see if it was going to be late. No it was going to be a half hour early. I switched cars to my mom's Impala. And was on my way in the some of the most congested traffic I had ever seen. It was still moving but going under the speed limit. I finally got the the cell phone lots at Sea-tac and had to pee soooooooooo bad. But I couldn't find the Port-a-Potty. I finally found it and it was disgusting as usual. I'm pretty sure I have some sort of communicable disease now. My parents called and I picked them up and told my dad I was driving.

He said that was fine but then he started yelling at me every five seconds to switch lanes. The Impala has huge blind spots and I hate merging lanes so we fought a little about that. We finally got home four hours after I left. Such a happy Thanksgiving.

The next day I went to Annie's house for her Thanksgiving and it was a ton of fun. Then we had a really little family Thanksgiving on Sunday with my parents.

All in all, I had a great time and love it this year. Plus I never had to do dishes! SCORE!

Uncle Bill (Matt's Uncle) had his triple by-pass last week and is moving to a rehab facility near my work today. I am going to go visit him tomorrow I think. He is doing well and walking around a little.

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