Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Never Plan a Bridal Shower with someone you barely know.

Last weekend I threw my best friend Milly a bridal shower. It was a very stressful experience but it went fabulous. I’m really happy with the way it turned out in the end because it was one of the hardest things I have ever planned. It all started out about two months ago when Milly mentioned I was her Maid of Honor. This floored me. She’s getting married in Vegas and it was originally going to be an elopement. I always planned to go with her but I never really thought that it would end up the conventional wedding that it has turned into. It was a big secret for a while, I was the only one that knew and I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. Eventually, people started finding out. Let’s just say my friends like to drink and they can’t keep secrets. Soon Milly’s mom found out (I think her brother told her mom). That is when the shit hit the fan and it turned into an actual wedding. I knew all of this and still didn’t think I was going to be an actual part of the wedding until I mentioned I bought a dress. Milly got upset and I didn’t really understand why. That is when she mentioned the Maid of Honor thing. I have been a MOH once before for my cousin when I was 18. My cousin is a complete control freak and I really didn’t have to do anything. Being Milly’s MOH is a completely different story. For example, she is getting married in 4 weeks and just today secured a venue. She doesn’t want to plan anything and, being the control freak I am, it’s horrifying. So I didn’t think of a bridal shower until my friend, Annie, said something about it. The next day I started planning a Casino-themed party with just a couple of friends. That’s when it all turned on me. Her co-worker, let’s call her Janet for her privacy, called and said she was planning a bridal shower for her and we should merge ours. It sounded like a great idea! Plus, I would have someone else to help make decisions and brainstorm with. We kept making lunch dates to meet and discuss, unfortunately something always seemed to come up and one of us canceled. I’m not saying that I didn’t cancel (once) but Janet always seemed to have a meeting at lunch that she "forgot" about. One time, I drove all the way to town on my day off and waited for her to call me and tell me where we were supposed to meet, I was driving downtown and I saw her walking with Milly down the street. Obviously she blew me off. Milly called me that evening and said that she had asked Janet about it and she said she forgot. Anyway, we finally got together to buy decorations, and we got some really awesome stuff. I ditched the Casino theme long before so we went pink and zebra print. We got to the register and Janet looked at me and asked how I was going to pay. WTF! So I said I was going to planning to buy half of the decorations and I hoped she bought the rest. She did of course but I swear she wanted me to pay for everything. Finally, it was time for the shower and I was really nervous. I asked Annie to come and help decorate and thank God I did because guess who didn’t show up until ten minutes til the party? Janet got there and immediately apologized. Apparently, she had a horrible hangover from the night before. She told me this as people were staring to show up and I was desperately trying to get the last of the party favors together. AND THEN! She took credit for the entire party by introducing herself and getting everyone’s attention while I was still decorating. Regardless, Milly knew what was going on and she kept thanking me because she is awesome like that. Then Janet went up to Annie and thanked her for helping, and Annie said "Well Thank god I was actually here!" It was wonderful. But all in all, I was very proud of it and am glad at the way it turned out in the end. Next time I will work alone or at least work with someone I actually know.

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