Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Day after a Bad Day

I don't have bad days very often. I have days that are not great but not seriously bad. Yesterday was a BAD day. I have a tendency to keep my emotions bottled up. So every once and a while, I break. Yesterday was a breaking point. But I don't really want to dwell on yesterday. I want to talk about today and all the opportunities that I can see now. First thing, I got a decent night's sleep. Which almost never happens. Second, I wasn't woken by nightmares. Lately I have been having nightmares, plane crashes and psycho killers. I have no idea why but they are starting to worry me. But last night I was so tired that I can't remember my dreams. Which can be a really good thing. Mostly, I woke up with a determination the it is a brand new day and that it is going to be a good one. I get to have lunch with my two very best friends who have mended their friendship with each other. That makes me ecstatic. I am looking at the world thinking even though it's cloudy today it's a beautiful planet we live on and we are lucky to be here. No matter what religion or science you believe, the human race is lucky to be able to live on this planet that suits us so. There is so much beauty in even the ugliest things. I saw a Black widow Spider on Saturday. It was gorgeous. If you think about the bad all the time you are bound to break. You must look at the bright side to stay sane. That is my motto for today. Today is wonderful.

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